Special Placement of PCs and Monitors

Citytech 101 installs high quality mounting systems from well-known companies like ICW USA. We provide support for mounting computer boxes, LCD monitors, and keyboard trays, which can be mounted to ceilings, walls, desks, poles, and walltracks. This option is very popular with doctors and dentists who have specialized needs in their x-ray rooms, consultaion areas, and operatories. This is also popular with supermarkets, department stores and fast food chains.

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   Law Firms
   Grocery Stores
   Gasoline Stations
   Convenient Stores
   Parking Garages
   Construction Firms
   Elderly Care Facilities
   Real Estate Firms
   Healthcare Facilities
   Department Stores
   Recycling Companies
   Accounting Firms
   Dental Offices

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    Some restrictions may apply.

Dental operatories and medical examination rooms typically have limited space for additional cabinets to place computers. Doctors choose to mount LCD monitors, and keyboards to walls or ceilings to save space, and with the help of medical grade articulating arms, they can easilly show what's on the screen (like x-rays) to their patients.  
If you just purchased an LCD or Plasma TV for home, or office reception area, and you  would like to wall-mount it and hide all the unwanted wires, we have the right solution for you.  Just give as a call, and we'll be happy to serve you.
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Custom Audio Installation

Citytech 101 also installs in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that meet your business or entertainment needs without sacrificing the look and feel of your environment.  We also provide intercoms to connect rooms, and in-wall ipod station that can be linked to centralized sound system.